Who is Fiddo the Frog?

— Shor answer is, a cute little frog with yellow and blue eyes, who loves having fun in his pond with his friends!

Fiddo is a theme character. He is a fiction of our imagination. Fiddo is a character who will drive fun, hope, strength and values to his audience. The stories around Fiddo the Frog are based on everyday life. It uses short words, rhymes, and expressions that kids will be familiar with. It is just a child world with Fiddo.

Who is making these books?

Fiddo the Frog is brought to you by a small family of fun artists, with the desire and passion to create memories. When you have kids in your family and all over the house, art is one way to keep them going. We set out to use our everyday experiences with our children to create art and make them learning moments for everyone. We put together the Fiddo concept based on our love for the not-so-popular animals, environment, nature with its sounds and sights.

Our stories are written by us, illustrated by us and animated by us. But who are us? All of us, including you. If you have a story, send it, and we might bring it to life!

Are these resources Free?

Yes, for the most part. The available books and videos on this site now are all completely free. No signing up required. There are also free videos that come with the books. Please send us a mail so that we know what you think about these resources. That will inspire us to do more. Thank you

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