Fiddo the Frog

A small family of fun people with pencils and colours, with the desire and passion to create memories.

When you have kids in your family and all over the house, art is one way to keep them going. We set out to use our everyday experiences with our children to create art, and make them learning moments for everyone. We put together the Fiddo concept based on our love for the not-so-popular animals, environment, nature with its sounds and sights.

Our stories are written by us, illustrated by us and animated by us. But who are us? All of us, including you. If you have a story, send it, and we might bring it to life!

Are these resources Free?

Yes, for the most part. We have opened many resources for free use. All you need to do is to sign up and get a username and password. As you enjoy the materials, you may wish to uncover more. At that point, you may choose to get a subscription to get even more.

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